Paynes Hut’s Warm Accommodation ~ The Barn

Paynes Hut’s Warm Accommodation ~ The Barn

Payne’s Hut has four accommodation areas. The largest is the Barn, a two story timber and corrugated iron structure set in the middle of Payne’s Hut.

Two expansive rooms, known as the East and West Wing of the Barn (named for the direction they face), are on either side of the large, warm dining room. Each with queen beds, a large sitting area, ensuite, crisp linens and delightful features.

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Should your family wish to have a third or forth single bed in your rooms, contact us to organise and for slight rate adjustments.

You can book your Payne’s Hut stay using the form below:

Please add details of what you would like during your Paynes Hut experience and we will reply promptly.

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