Garden Update!

Garden Update!

Payne's Hut Garden Lettuce High Plains Mount Beauty

Here at Payne’s Hut, the big news over Winter was  transferring the igloo from a laundry on the Western side of the property to atop the rich garden beds. The compost created from Do Lectures in April has now turned into luscious soil which has now enabled us to fill the igloo where we’ve sown and planted the seeds of the lettuce.


Spring veggies are developing early thanks to the generosity of Nielsen’s Nursery.


Kale has worked well this year (more going in soon) and rhubarb is starting to pop it’s head out if the strawbeds. Rainbow silverbeet is already on its way up and the worms are doing their job!

We’re now planting pencil radishes, snowpeas and greens.

Now’s the time to book your berry picking in late December or January!

Springtime News from Payne’s Hut

Springtime News from Payne’s Hut

It’s Springtime here at Payne’s Hut so as the frost melts away, there is plenty that we’ve accomplished to share with you.

 Do Lectures Australia 1132
Early this year, Graham, his mates, neighbours and friends built a new wide deck around the main Hut that has transformed the building and the whole property. It now provides a wonderful place to look out over the High Plains and is perfect for long summer dinners. Of course!
There are so many aromas and tastes that accompany each changing season and Spring is a very special time to visit us when the place is transformed into a photographer’s paradise. The mornings are crisp and we’re seeing many more sunny, blue skied days. It’s charming.
Come on up and unplug from the world. Surround yourself with warm fires, feather quilts, and our beautiful scenery.
In the past year, we’ve finished the bar which provides the quintessential experience of being by the open fire and sampling local wines.


In April, we hosted the inaugural Do Lectures Australia with
international and local Aussie speakers, glorious April sunshine

and a total of 120 people accommodated at Payne’s Hut and Mitta Mitta Campground in Happy Glamper tents.

Do Lectures Australia8A year in the planning and making, it was an experience we all revelled in, including sprucing up the Glen Valley Hall to delight many newcomers to bushdancing.


Tess and Graham’s Do Lectures talk will be online for the world to see here, later this month.


We’re looking forward to the next Do Lectures Australia, set for 19-22 March, next year (apply here!). We’ve a few alterations that we’re working on in the meantime- enlarging the main kitchen and creating a new laundry building – as well as supporting the Do team with the design of the event and bringing the delights of the High Plains to visitors.

Payne's Hut Glen Wills Mitta Mitta B&B

The West Wing is now complete with a four poster bush bed made by Graham, using local logs and the new heater worked away well through the Winter. Thanks to Charlie Brown for the great photos! It’s a cosy wonder to wake in.

Read about the new developments in the garden here, the new workshop dates and we recently ran a competition for a free night stay on Facebook so do join in the conversation there as we’ll be sure to do more.

Looking forward to seeing you soon. Come on over to see what Graham is busily doing in the main kitchen and do find your favourite book to bring along for your stay.

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Payne’s Hut creating headlines!

Payne’s Hut creating headlines!

Hi Everyone,

Paynes Hut new website remote workshops

We’re delighted to have a spruced up website. We hope you enjoy the new design and photos – more to come. Let us know what you think via Facebook.

Payne’s Hut newsletters are also coming to be – we’ve always wished to do these every quarter or more often when something interesting is happening or coming up.  They will be full of the latest news from Shannonvale, the garden, the construction, recent findings and events. We’ll entice and encourage you to book your annual stay to rest, recharge and unplug!

Enjoy hearing about Payne’s Hut from afar via our emailed newsletters. Get yours here ~

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Happy travels, relax – you’re almost here.

Payne's Hut Group Lunches - Barn - Charlie Brown photography
~Tess and Graham Payne

With thanks to Mark Lobo, Liz Bull, Carly Heaton and Charlie Brown for the exceptional photos throughout the site, Karlie from Bali Buddies for our Facebook and Instagram management, Vanessa from The Exceptional Assistant for our newsletters and Sam from Runway Digital for the production.

We’re seeking willing workers to work and enjoy the Australian countryside

Happy restful time to you and yours!!

We’re seeking a willing worker to stay in our Loft and would love your help spreading the message to people who would love to stay and work with us!

The work in the garden is weeding, planting, and maintenance. Check out the photos below to see what’s in store.

We’re seeking 4 hours work a day for scrumptious food and relaxing lodgings (or 8 hours one day then a day off).

3-5 days stay or longer if arranged after enjoying working together.

Happy for one or two people – as long as two people’s load is accomplished – two singles or a couple.

The Loft has a queen and a single bed and it looks out over the property into gum trees, the berry patch and dams. It’s a lovely place to sleep – there’s  a postcard of stars out the window when you’re drifting off to sleep.

We seek workers from November to March each year so feel free to let people know who can’t make this year.

Looking forward to hearing from you and those you know. Feel free to call or email us for more details – click here for our contacts.

Payne’s Hut’s Spring Feast

Payne’s Hut’s Spring Feast

Relax in the garden

Payne’s Hut is hosting a Spring Feast with live music at midday, 2nd November 2013, Saturday at 96 Fitzgerald’s Road Glen Valley.

Winter in the High Plains is long and hard.

Each year we have celebrated spring with a feast. This year we would like you to join us.

Traditionally, we leave most of the day as a surprise. What we can tell you is that you’ll be feasting from 12 noon with five courses and a complimentary glass of wine.

Meal and live music during the day, at $100/per person – that is a great value.

Due to the instability of the weather up here, we would like to keep the numbers small, say 30 to 40 people.


For bookings call us at  03 5159 7255 or email


For anyone wanting to stay in the area, two of our rooms are yet to be booked and there are plenty of other places to stay:

Helen Packer’s 03 51 597 241

The Blue Duck Hotel 03 51 597 220

There are also great camping sites along the Mitta Mitta River


~ Tess & Graham Payne of Payne’s Hut

The Philosophy Behind Payne’s Hut

“When holidaying in Italy, we Australians look for an Italian experience. In France, that quintessential French adventure.

Based on this, our accommodation business here in the highplains of the Victorian alps follows this principle providing our guest with a genuine high plains experience using the five following elements.

1.      Connection to our Australian culture.

Set on cattle farms of four generations, you step back in time. Our rooms are large and well appointed. 1800cm x 1800cm photos of the cattle bring the outside vistas into the room and there are plenty of books on the cattlemen to peruse.

2.      Our connections with history.

We celebrate our history in the building design artefacts and furniture – giving it a sense of the cattlemen huts with all the conveniences travellers expect today. Comfortable beds, good linen hot showers & good food.

3.      Connecting our guests with our environment.

Should your interests take you, we’ll direct you to local walks, swimming holes and cycling areas, equipped with guides on sub-alpine plants and birds of the area and knowledge on the unique weather patterns here in the alps.

4.      Culinary Connections.

Here at Payne’s Hut we serve food based on traditional Australian country cooking with a modern twist using as many local products as possible ~ including vegetables from our own garden. At the same time we acknowledge the reality as to where Australian cuisine is today, we use many culinary gifts available to us in response to multiculturalism.

5.      Connecting to the people with themselves.

We place great importance on open-hearted hospitality focusing on our guests’ individual needs, where possible tailoring our business to make their stay memorable to help achieve this we ask specific question on booking such as: dietary requirements & purpose of their holidays.”

~ Tess, August, 2013.

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