Payne's Hut, Mitta Mitta Accommodation, Room,

glorious loft
looks out over the valley
head resting on pillow in the morning
look through the window to the clear blue sky
clouds float past, tickled by gums

above the kitchen
smells of toast waft upward as others wake
footsteps crunch on gravel
murmurs of conversation through the window
clink of plates, boiling water into french press

feet turn out from the silken sandwich of white sheets
onto pristine lamb’s wool laid out beside the bed
some cocoon of honeyed timber, this is

birds call all around
door opened to the air
the balcony
sun salutation
recharging, filling, warming

a long stretch
a deep breath

in the loft

By Doug Millen

Payne's Hut loft, bed, inside

Thanks Doug! Doug visited Payne’s Hut for the wonderful Play Make Do event. He delighted everyone with one of his hidden skills: fire-twirling. Truly inspiring. As was his love for the High Plains and area around Payne’s Hut.

If you’re interested in staying in the Loft, send us your details and your dates, using this form at the top of this page, scroll up! And it’s on your right —>

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