“The Garden has gone to sleep for Winter. We’re now doing pruning in preparation for Spring.

There is a story behind every plant here.

The rhododendrons for example weren’t my favourite flower but we’ve grown into each other because it keeps the garden below the Loft green over Winter.

We finally transplanted our 15 year old cherry laurel into the centre of the courtyard. The laurels are often seen as a weed, though in our harsh environment, the fact that the laurel is a midsize evergreen plant that doesn’t attract bugs or mould earns its position as a feature plant.

Despite the fact that the laurel is hardy, having transplanted it at the beginning of Winter, we’re giving it tender loving care to ensure it survives and flourishes to bring shade to the courtyard over Summer.

We’re also wondering what the name will be for the new outdoor shelter at the top of the property. It’s been affectionately known as “the Folly” though we’re thinking a more fitting name could be found! The roof is almost done.”

~ Tess

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