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Paynes Hut new website remote workshops

We’re delighted to have a spruced up website. We hope you enjoy the new design and photos – more to come. Let us know what you think via Facebook.

Payne’s Hut newsletters are also coming to be – we’ve always wished to do these every quarter or more often when something interesting is happening or coming up.  They will be full of the latest news from Shannonvale, the garden, the construction, recent findings and events. We’ll entice and encourage you to book your annual stay to rest, recharge and unplug!

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Happy travels, relax – you’re almost here.

Payne's Hut Group Lunches - Barn - Charlie Brown photography
~Tess and Graham Payne

With thanks to Mark Lobo, Liz Bull, Carly Heaton and Charlie Brown for the exceptional photos throughout the site, Karlie from Bali Buddies for our Facebook and Instagram management, Vanessa from The Exceptional Assistant for our newsletters and Sam from Runway Digital for the production.

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