Payne’s Hut in the Guardian’s 100 boutique hotels for under £100: Asia, Australia and New Zealand

Payne’s Hut in the Guardian’s 100 boutique hotels for under £100: Asia, Australia and New Zealand

Payne's Hut featured in the Guardian Newspaper as Top 100 places to stay

“So remote that it even perplexes Google Maps, the rustic luxury of Payne’s Hut in Glen Valley is excellent value for those prepared to stray off the beaten path. Skimming the border of Victoria’s Alpine national park, at this distinctly Australian accommodation you’ll stoke your own wood-fire stove in a room with windows allowing for stunning star-gazing. Mobile reception is lacking but picturesque bushwalks are in ample supply. Fish for trout, glimpse snow-capped mountains, watch kangaroos bound by, or relax with fine local wine as kookaburras chorus. Gourmet meals are at an additional cost, eaten at a long communal table.

+ 61 3 5159 7255, Doubles from £93 B&B”

…And that is how the UK’s Guardian news sees us!

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Tess’s Winter Gardening Tips

“The Garden has gone to sleep for Winter. We’re now doing pruning in preparation for Spring.

There is a story behind every plant here.

The rhododendrons for example weren’t my favourite flower but we’ve grown into each other because it keeps the garden below the Loft green over Winter.

We finally transplanted our 15 year old cherry laurel into the centre of the courtyard. The laurels are often seen as a weed, though in our harsh environment, the fact that the laurel is a midsize evergreen plant that doesn’t attract bugs or mould earns its position as a feature plant.

Despite the fact that the laurel is hardy, having transplanted it at the beginning of Winter, we’re giving it tender loving care to ensure it survives and flourishes to bring shade to the courtyard over Summer.

We’re also wondering what the name will be for the new outdoor shelter at the top of the property. It’s been affectionately known as “the Folly” though we’re thinking a more fitting name could be found! The roof is almost done.”

~ Tess

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Firetwirling at Payne’s Hut

Firetwirling at Payne’s Hut

We at Payne’s Hut are always delighted by the range of guests who choose to spend time with us. From Danish gardeners to Antarctic explorers to city-dwelling Melburnians, from highly technical people to people working in humanities or social environments. It’s always a treat to hear their stories and share our own.

This weekend Ed, Helen Packer, Bernie, Ina, Sam, Tess and Graham donned their extra layers, warmed our backs by the warming flames of the outdoor fire and watched as Doug Millen firetwirled for us. Doug visits regularly and has entertained us with fire twirling in the darkness a a few times now – each time we have invited neighbours and guests to be entranced.


Plunkett Fowles, Oxley, Milawa, Myrtleford, Bright, Mount Hotham and beyond…

These words are republished a website of a close friend of Payne’s Hut and regular visitor – Samantha Bell.
“Amazing places to visit enroute from Melbourne to Falls Creek or Mt Hotham or for a long weekend around Bright, Victoria:
  • Plunkett Fowles (on Hume Hwy 1 hour and a bit out of melbourne)
  • Sam Miranda Winery, Oxley (GREAT courtyard on a warm day for the kids to run around – also nice for a tasting on a cold day with fire going inside. I really enjoy working from here on a weekday. So relaxing and often no-one there.)
  • King River Cafe, Oxley (potato rosti chips are amazing, good coffee.)
  • Milawa Cheese Factory, Milawa (great place for lunch)
  • Snow Road Produce, Milawa (great wine selection and lovely people).
  • Milawa – the main road has olive and mustard shops too.
  • Amazing Cafe Fez in Myrtleford is like stepping into a Middle Eastern Bazaar – extraordinary to be where it is and have so many items for sale as well as a cute cafe – it is next to the park too for the kids – lovely for a coffee and browse.
  • Bright: my favourite is Coral Lee, there’s also Ginger Baker and the Bright Brewery and a few other wine bars and restaurants that have popped up recently.
  • Take a drive up Mt Hotham to Danny’s Lookout on a clear day. The lookout is just before Mt Hotham so a 45 min drive from Bright and you can see for miles and miles….
  • Keep going to Payne’s Hut – I guarantee you’ll be pleased you did.
All the addresses and details of these places are on my “To the Mountains and Beyond” Foursquare list.
Tips on accommodation:
  • Top of the list Payne’s Hut.
  • Bright – Merrimeet Cottages is great for families. The website photos don’t do it justice – next to a park for the kids, the gardens are lovely for reading books and enjoying and there is a BBQ in the grounds. Apparently the photos on the site don’t do it justice and the people who run it are lovely:.
  • The house at Smoko looks divine. Often booked out – get in early.
  • Wombat Hollow in Smoko for families too – this will mean commuting to Bright. (Stay in Bright if you’re thinking of walking to and fro dinner.
  • Emma runs Alpine Valley Getaways – she’ll be able to help with other places.
  • And Bright Holidays is great too. This lovely house (with a spa) is recommended.”
Go play.

Photos to tempt you:

Another wonderful weekend at Payne’s Hut

Another wonderful weekend at Payne’s Hut



It was a delight to have a very entertaining dinner with Lyn, Lindsay, Mel, Geoff, Tracey, Kathryn, Sam, Clive and Tess and Grae on Saturday night. So many rounds of raucous laughter as we celebrated (young-in-mind-and-heart) Geoff’s 86th Birthday.

Tess and Grae have been busy. The berry patch looks superb, the verandas around the main house are taking shape, and the garden – as always – is enchanting.

~ Sam for Payne’s Hut

Payne’s Hut in the Weekly Times – “A Hut Above the Rest”

It is wonderful to have Payne’s Hut featured in the July 2012 edition of the Weekly Times. Flip to the “Home section” (Pages 10-13) or click on the above images to enjoy reading about the history, Tess and Graham Payne and all they contribute to this area of the Victorian High Plains.

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The Payne’s Hut Loft: It inspires poetry…

The Payne’s Hut Loft: It inspires poetry…

Payne's Hut, Mitta Mitta Accommodation, Room,

glorious loft
looks out over the valley
head resting on pillow in the morning
look through the window to the clear blue sky
clouds float past, tickled by gums

above the kitchen
smells of toast waft upward as others wake
footsteps crunch on gravel
murmurs of conversation through the window
clink of plates, boiling water into french press

feet turn out from the silken sandwich of white sheets
onto pristine lamb’s wool laid out beside the bed
some cocoon of honeyed timber, this is

birds call all around
door opened to the air
the balcony
sun salutation
recharging, filling, warming

a long stretch
a deep breath

in the loft

By Doug Millen

Payne's Hut loft, bed, inside

Thanks Doug! Doug visited Payne’s Hut for the wonderful Play Make Do event. He delighted everyone with one of his hidden skills: fire-twirling. Truly inspiring. As was his love for the High Plains and area around Payne’s Hut.

If you’re interested in staying in the Loft, send us your details and your dates, using this form at the top of this page, scroll up! And it’s on your right —>

Play Make Do at Paynes Hut

Play Make Do at Paynes Hut

Play Make Do, Remote event venue, open space

We look forward to welcoming the participants of the very uplifting and special Play Make Do event, February 2-5, 2012.

Paynes Hut is creating an exceptional menu, organising participants’ surprises, pickups and drop offs to hike locations and so much more that goes into creating a very unique program, menu and activities in a remote location.

The participants will be delighted!

We’ll post photos here to show you what was created.

The essence of Paynes Hut on Video

Filmmaker Jacqui Hocking visited Paynes Hut on the weekend and created this wonderful video depicting the remote accommodation that is Paynes Hut. Many thanks to Jacqui – she has impressively and very quickly created the essence of Paynes Hut on video. It’s a showcase of what’s possible…

Jacqui also took a number of photos to enjoy:

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