Guest post by Sam Bell

Yesterday I visited Payne’s Hut for the first time in many months and the usual happened – my mouth was agape… a little earlier this time though, as I travelled along the driveway and saw the new igloo installed in the veggie patch, the impressive verandah around the main Hut and marvelled at the leaf-less garden this time of year.

Touring through the garden, the new laundry frame is in. In the main Hut, the newly enlarged main kitchen (the outdoor kitchen is going strong) is so delightful. Accordion windows will be installed soon and afternoon teas served through here will be such a treat. The verandah is certainly the place where dreams become real.

As it is anytime, now is a wonderful time to be at Payne’s Hut.

The blue skies and sunshine didn’t quite make it out for the photos though Flora the dog did!

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