Payne's Hut Garden Lettuce High Plains Mount Beauty

Here at Payne’s Hut, the big news over Winter was  transferring the igloo from a laundry on the Western side of the property to atop the rich garden beds. The compost created from Do Lectures in April has now turned into luscious soil which has now enabled us to fill the igloo where we’ve sown and planted the seeds of the lettuce.


Spring veggies are developing early thanks to the generosity of Nielsen’s Nursery.


Kale has worked well this year (more going in soon) and rhubarb is starting to pop it’s head out if the strawbeds. Rainbow silverbeet is already on its way up and the worms are doing their job!

We’re now planting pencil radishes, snowpeas and greens.

Now’s the time to book your berry picking in late December or January!

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