Snow on our Sub Alpine Huts

Snow on our Sub Alpine Huts

We’re having a wonderful, productive Winter. As snow falls on our Sub Alpine Huts, the new bathroom goes up…


…and the old girl comes down.

And a delight in the mail from guest John Muldrew. Thankyou John.

May this reach you all well and happy as thoughts start turning to Spring.

IKEA at Payne’s Hut!

“On behalf of IKEA I would like to thank Tess, Graham and Sam for our recent team building trip at Payne’s Hut. Their hospitality was truly genuine and we all felt extremely welcomed at their property and home set in a very beautiful and tranquil environment. The food was fantastic with local produce and home grown vegetables and Graham and Tess were very flexible our schedule.
We combined our visit with a team building exercise hiking from Falls Creek back to Payne’s hut, hosted by Tim Cope, from Tim Cope Adventures. Payne’s Hut offers everything the corporate venues don’t offer with a fabulous personal touch and away from all the distractions of normal city life!
Thank you again to Tess, Graham, Tim and Sam for a very rewarding trip.” David Hood, IKEA Country Retail Manager

This month we hosted the first 3 day business retreat for 20 IKEA senior leaders from around Australia. They flew into Albury and then were picked up in a bus driven by Grae, down through Mitta and into Payne’s Hut. The property was alive with happy faces and international and local accents. Together, these clever and fascinating businesspeople planned, got to know each other, were awed by an inspiring talk by Tim Cope (who walked from Mongolia to Hungary over 3.5 years!), did their own long 23km walk from Watchbed Creek near Falls Creek to Payne’s Hut, and were bubbling with enthusiasm on the last day. A full of 3 days of enjoyment.

Tess & Grae’s menu consisted of steaks with pickled roasted figs, potatoes, jerusalem artichokes, panacotta with stewed pink quinces, chocolate chunks with pistaccio, laksa with a side serve of meatballs with cos lettuce cups; lamb racks with orange and onion couscous, a superb cooked breakfast on the final day and plenty of just-out-of-the-oven hot muffins with layers of flavours and lots of Beraldo coffee throughout the days.

We’re looking forward to more of these unique bush, team development sessions and are planning for 4 a year on property so please do recommend us to managers whose teams will gain so much and we’ll help design their stay.

The month of November

We’ve had return visitors aplenty and we’re enjoying the exceptional growth in the garden after very few frosts.

11 years on after the bushfires and the bird life has returned. A dear friend Ian Falconburg has listed them all and carefully documented in our bird book here at Payne’s Hut.

The kitchen extensions and verandah overlooking the valley are enjoyed by all.

And now that the road is bitumen the whole way, we’re delighted Albury has found the Payne’s Hut experience on the way to Metung and the Gippsland Lakes.

Enjoy the photos, see you soon!
~ Tess Payne

Tess and Grae on the International Stage

Tess and Grae on the International Stage

Not ones to blow their own trumpet (so I will instead!), Tess and Grae’s wisdom is now available here from them having done a wonderful Do Lectures talk. Enjoy! It’s about 20 mins…

Please do pass on to people who’ll gain so much from their wisdom!

~ Sam


Tess and Graham Payne, Do Lectures speakers. Photo credit: Mark Lobo Photography


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